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Saturday Dec 15, from 11am-1pm - Join the amazing Derek Rubiano this for a muscle up seminar!


Are you on the edge of getting your first kipping muscle up but need that little secret to get over the hump?—or you’re still working on your strict pull ups and would like to improve your pulling strength more rapidly and have a clear path to success? Come get great instruction & and cues on the secrets to scapular, pulling and explosive hip strength to easily get your first kipping and strict muscle up when the time comes.


The seminar will focus on Derek's method on how to transfer strict pulling strength into the explosive powerful movement that is the muscle up. With over 8 years practicing and teaching experience specific to muscle ups, Derek has developed a systematic approach to developing and progressing new and experienced ring enthusiasts. Seminar Includes

1) Strengthening the Scapula for optimal pulling strength
2) The Strict Ring Muscle Up
3) The Kipping Ring Muscle up
4) The Strict Bar Muscle Up
5) The Kipping Bar Muscle up